Business Account fees

A Business Account is the smart way to pay for and track your fleet's toll travel. 

Account set up

These one-off fees will get your business on the road.

Type Description

Start-up fee


There are no start-up fees to open a Commercial account.

Ongoing costs

These regular payments keep your account active.

Type Description

Annual account fee


This will be added to your first monthly invoice, and then once a year after that.

Invoice fee


There's no charge to receive your standard monthly invoice by email or post.


The price of your toll travel is deducted from your account credit. See our forms page for pricing.

Other possible costs

You’ll only have to pay these fees in specific circumstances.

Type Description

Minimum annual payment

$27.50 per e-TAG

Or the difference between your total annual spend in tolls and charges per tag and $27.50.

Additional invoice fee

$3.30 by post

You'll pay this for every additional invoice you ask to receive by mail.

Dishonour fee

If your payment fails, we'll debit any corresponding bank fees from your account.

Late payment fee

$5.50 plus 1.5% of the overdue amount

You'll pay this fee if your payment is more than 5 days late.

No tag in vehicle fee

This is the fee you’ll be charged if we can’t detect a working tag in one of your vehicles and have to match its licence plate number to your account.

$0.75 per trip on CityLink
$0.55 per trip on EastLink

M1 $0.55 per trip
M2 $0.55 per trip
M4 $0.55 per trip
M5 $0.55 per trip
M7 $0.75 per trip
Lane Cove Tunnel $0.55 per trip
Cross City Tunnel $0.55 per trip
Sydney Harbour Bridge $0.55 per trip
Sydney Harbour Tunnel $0.55 per trip

Clem 7 $0.42 per toll point
Go-Between Bridge $0.42 per toll point
Gateway Motorway $0.42 per toll point
Logan Motorway $0.42 per toll point
AirportLinkM7 $0.92 

Security deposit

$50 per tag

An amount we may need you to pay as security to open your account.

e-Tag non-return fee

$55 per tag

You’ll be charged this if your tag is lost, damamged, stolen or not returned to us.

Voluntary replacement fee

$55 per tag

If you replace an e-TAG when the existing one isn't faulty.

Re-registration fee

$5.50 per vehicle

If you re-register a vehicle that was suspended, we may debit this amount from your account.

Payment methods

Type Description
Payment card surcharge AMEX: 2.15%
Diners Club: 1.90%

Fees last updated on 3 February 2016. Prices include GST unless otherwise noted.

CityLink Business Account Customer Service Agreement