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  • What should I do if I've travelled on a toll road?

    What should I do if I've travelled on a toll road?

    You'll need an account or pass to pay for travel on CityLink. The most convenient way to pay for ongoing toll road travel is to open an account.

    If you're visiting Melbourne or only need to use CityLink for a short time, you can buy a pass

    Accounts and passes can be backdated by 3 days to cover recent CityLink travel. If you don't cover the cost of your travel within this time, a toll invoice will be sent to the vehicle's registered owner. It can take up to 4 weeks after you travel for a toll invoice to be sent to the vehicle's owner.

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  • How do CityLink accounts work?

    How do CityLink accounts work?

    We have a range of accounts to suit different travel needs.

    Our Everyday Accounts use an electronic device called an e-TAG to calculate your tolls and charge these to your account as you travel. If you're a frequent traveller, opening an Everyday Account may help minimise fees and charges.

    If you travel less frequently, you can pay as you go by opening an Access Account. Access Accounts don’t use e-TAGs. Instead, we charge your tolls to your account by taking a photograph of your licence plate number as your vehicle passes through a toll point and checking it against the vehicles registered to your account. Vehicle matching fees are charged for matching your licence plate number to your Access Account.

    All of our accounts let you set up automatic payments. As long as your payment details remain valid, and you've added all your vehicles to your account with their licence plate numbers, you're covered for travel on CityLink and EastLink.

    Are you a taxi driver or business owner? Consider opening a Business Account or Taxi Account.

    Need help choosing an account or pass that's right for you? Try our easy-to-use help me choose tool.

  • What should I do if my e-TAG doesn't beep?

    What should I do if my e-TAG doesn't beep?

    Your e-TAG should beep every time it passes through a toll point. If it doesn't do this, it may have a flat battery or be faulty or incorrectly installed.

    You can check whether your e-TAG is correctly installed by referring to our installation guides.

    If you think your e-TAG has a flat battery or is faulty, you should order a replacement as soon as you can to avoid being charged a no tag in vehicle fee or vehicle matching fee when you travel.

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  • Why have I received a toll invoice?

    Why have I received a toll invoice?

    If you travel on a toll road without a valid account or pass, a toll invoice will be sent to the vehicle's owner.

    If you already have an account, you may receive a toll invoice if:

    • you're driving a car that hasn't been added to your account
    • your account is suspended

    You can check the status of your account by logging in.

    If you weren't the driver when the invoice was incurred, you can transfer the invoice to someone else by completing a toll invoice nomination online.

    If you'd like some help choosing the right account or pass, try our product selector.

  • How do I add, remove or update vehicles on my account?

    How do I add, remove or update vehicles on my account?

    To add, remove or update vehicles online, follow these steps:

    1. Log into the Vehicles section of your account 
    2. Select Add another vehicle, or remove or edit an existing vehicle

    If all you need to do is change your licence plate number, you'll still need to delete the car and start again by selecting Add another vehicle.

    If you've just sold a car, remember to delete it from your account so that you’re not paying for someone else’s travel.

    Temporary vehicles and hire cars

    If you’re planning on borrowing or hiring a car, you can temporarily add it to your account by setting a start and end time. Once expired, the car will be automatically removed from your account.


    You can add a car to your account after you’ve travelled, including new cars you've just bought, rentals or borrowed cars. The trips will be charged to your account and you’ll avoid a toll invoice. This is called backdating, but there are time limits on how far you can backdate your travel. 

    You’ll be able to choose a start date up to 7 days in the past. If you don’t cover your travel within this time frame, a toll invoice will be issued.

    To backdate a car:

    1. Log into the Vehicles section of your account
    2. Select Add another vehicle
    3. Fill in your car's details and then select I want to set a start and end time for this vehicle
    4. Enter a start date

    An end date is not required but if the car is rented or borrowed, set an end date to ensure you're not paying for someone else's travel.

    Backdating does not cover travel made on EastLink. A small no tag in vehicle fee will apply to each EastLink trip.