I was driving a friend's car and I didn't have a pass or a CityLink account

If you're driving a friend's car, you can still buy a pass or open an account to cover your travel on CityLink – you don't need to be the vehicle owner. This will cover you for travel on CityLink only and does not include travel made on EastLink.

For 24 Hour Passes, you have until midnight on the third day after you travelled to buy a pass.

For Weekend Passes, you have until midnight on the Tuesday after the weekend on which you travelled to buy a pass.

For accounts, you have until midnight on the seventh day after you travelled to open an account or add a vehicle to an existing account.

If you don't cover your travel within these time frames, a toll invoice will be sent to the vehicle's owner. If you aren't the registered owner of the vehicle, you can still pay the toll invoice. All you need to do is visit the pay toll invoice page, enter the toll invoice number and proceed through the payment process.