If I travel during the peak and off-peak changeover, what rate will I pay?

Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCVs) are charged at different rates depending on the time of day. Peak travel is between 6am-8pm. Reduced prices apply during the off-peak period from 8pm-6am.

Depending on what time you’re travelling, a portion of your trip may be charged at the peak rate and a portion at the off-peak rate. When using our toll calculator you may be shown a price range rather than an exact amount if you are travelling during the changeover period.

When does the trip cap apply?

The trip cap is the maximum amount charged for a single continuous trip on CityLink.

There is a peak trip cap and an off-peak trip cap. The time you travel through the last toll point determines which trip cap (peak or off-peak) applies. For example:

• if you exit at 6:10am (peak) the maximum charge will be $27.68 (peak trip cap)

• if you exit at 8:10pm (off-peak) the maximum charge will be $18.45 (off-peak trip cap)

Why does the same trip hit the cap sometimes but not at other times?

The trip cap is only ever applied when the total (distance-based) toll price for that trip exceeds the cap. You are always charged whichever is the lesser value, either:

  • the applicable peak or off-peak trip cap, or
  • the total distance-based toll price for your trip

Want to estimate the cost of your trip? Have a look at our CityLink pass and toll prices or try our easy-to-use toll calculator.