Travel times are predictions based on data from the Google Maps Directions API. Individual travel times, best alternative routes and travel savings may vary based on your specific origin, destination and traffic conditions at your time of travel. Tolled routes are example routes only and do not reflect all toll road entry and exits. 

Toll costs are based on the trip cost for a single direction trip for an Access Account (including $0.75 vehicle matching fee) for a standard car. The price of your trip will depend on how far you travel, the type of vehicle you drive and the account or pass you choose. Use our toll calculator to quickly estimate the cost of your CityLink trips based for your individual travel needs and vehicle type. 

Fuel and CO2 savings are based on formulas provided by the University of South Australia, utilising distance and time information from Google Maps Directions API to calculate travel speed. Results represent a typical petrol passenger car. Savings are the estimated difference in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions on the Tolled route compared to the Alternative route. 

If there are no calculated savings on the Tolled route compared to the Alternative route, this will be indicated by a “-“ in the relevant metrics.

Traffic light information is sourced from VicRoads open data by VicRoads and is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. Traffic light counts are based on intersection traffic lights.

Keen to understand more about these calculations? Check out our travel calculations page for more detail.