A Melbourne Pass is the quick and easy way to save time getting around town. With low up-front costs and minimal commitment, a Melbourne Pass is an easy way to access CityLink and EastLink for up to 30 days.

  • Access CityLink and EastLink – standard tolls apply
  • Easy and convenient – tolls are automatically charged to your credit card
  • No e-TAG required – a vehicle matching fee of $0.75 applies per trip (motorcycles excluded)
  • Low up-front costs – $5.50 startup fee
  • Extendable – add more time to your pass if required
  • Already travelled? – you can buy a Melbourne Pass up to 3 days after you travel.

Use our toll calculator to estimate the cost of your travel.


A quick and easy way to pay for occasional travel

 Consider opening an account if you'll be using toll roads in future.
Regular travel
Travel at least once a month
Everyday Account
  • Lowest price for frequent travel
  • Pre-paid accounts
  • e-TAG beeps give account ststus
  • No vehicle matching fees
  • Australia-wide travel
Occasional travel
Travel a few times a year
Access Account
  • Ideal for occasional travel
  • Low up-front costs
  • Post-paid tagless travel
  • Vehicle matching fees apply
  • Melbourne toll roads only
e-PASS for family trip  

Why get a Melbourne pass? Let's say you're driving to Melbourne for a two week holiday and want to use your own car. With a Melbourne Pass, you can enjoy the convenience of using CityLink and EastLink to get around. It's an easy way to spend less time in traffic and more time seeing the sights.

Need more help?

  • How do I buy a Melbourne Pass?

    How do I buy a Melbourne Pass?

    You can buy a pass online. You'll need to provide:

    • contact details including your name, address, email and phone number
    • licence plate number, make and model of at least one vehicle
    • credit card details for making payments

    Find out more about the Melbourne Pass or let us help you choose which pass is right for you.

  • Which pass should I buy? What's the difference?

    Which pass should I buy? What's the difference?

    You can compare our passes or find the right product for your needs with our easy-to-use help me choose tool. Whether you're running an errand, visiting for the weekend or on holiday for a few weeks, you'll find a pass to suit you.
  • Can I buy a Melbourne Pass without a credit card?

    Can I buy a Melbourne Pass without a credit card?

    You need either a credit or debit card to buy a Melbourne Pass.

    If you'd like your tolls to be debited from your bank account, consider opening an account. You'll still need a credit or debit card, but you can set up a direct debit for ongoing payments.

    Not sure which account or pass to choose? Try our easy-to-use help me choose tool.

  • How does a CityLink pass work?

    How does a CityLink pass work?

    A pass is a convenient option if you only use CityLink occasionally. 

    You can buy a pass before you travel or if you've already travelled, you can buy a pass within 3 days of your trip. For Weekend Passes, you have until midnight on the Tuesday after the weekend on which you travelled.

    There's no need to display a pass in your car, but you may want to keep the receipt for your records​. 

    Buy a pass now

    Not sure which pass you need? Try our easy-to-use help me choose tool or our toll calculator.

  • What should I do if I've travelled on a toll road?

    What should I do if I've travelled on a toll road?

    You'll need an account or pass to pay for travel on CityLink. The most convenient way to pay for ongoing toll road travel is to open an account.

    If you're visiting Melbourne or only need to use CityLink for a short time, you can buy a pass

    Accounts and passes can be backdated by 3 days to cover recent CityLink travel. If you don't cover the cost of your travel within this time, a toll invoice will be sent to the vehicle's registered owner. It can take up to 4 weeks after you travel for a toll invoice to be sent to the vehicle's owner.

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