Business Account Fees



Annual account fee

$71.50 per annum

Dishonour fee

The amount debited to your account if your payment is unsuccessful. We will pass on the fee charged by your bank.

e-TAG Non-Return Fee

Per e-TAG: $55

The amount payable by you if your e-TAG is lost, damaged, stolen or not returned to us.

Late Payment Fee

$5.50 plus 1.5% of the amount that was not paid on time.

If payment of an amount that the Client owes to CityLink is more than 5 days late.

Minimum annual payment

Per e-TAG linked to your account: $27.50

The minimum amount of tolls and charges which you must pay per e-TAG device on your account each year. If you do not reach the minimum amount per e-TAG your account will be debited the difference between this amount and the actual tolls and fees paid. This will be charged per e-TAG that does not reach the minimum annual payment.

No Tag In Vehicle Fee

The following vehicle matching fees (including GST) are charged by each toll road in Australia.

CityLink $0.75 per trip
EastLink $0.29 per trip

M1 $0.55 per trip
M2 $0.55 per trip
M5 $0.55 per trip
M7 $0.75 per trip
Lane Cove Tunnel $0.55 per trip
Cross City Tunnel $0.55 per trip
Sydney Harbour Bridge $0.55 per trip
Sydney Harbour Tunnel $0.55 per trip

Clem 7 $0.42 per toll point
Go-Between Bridge $0.42 per toll point
Gateway Motorway $0.42 per toll point
Logan Motorway $0.42 per toll point
AirportLinkM7 $0.92 

One-off detailed invoice fee

Per invoice requested: $3.30

Re-registration fee

Per vehicle: $5.50

Security Deposit

$50 per e-TAG linked or proposed to be linked to the Account.


See our toll pricing guide.

Voluntary replacement fee

Per e-TAG: $55

If you choose to replace an e-TAG when there is no fault with the e-TAG.

Payment methods

Type Description

Credit card surcharge

AMEX: 2.15%
Diners Club: 1.90%


Fees last updated on 3 February 2016. Prices include GST unless otherwise noted.

CityLink Business Account Customer Service Agreement