Air quality monitoring
Burnley Tunnel
Domain Tunnel

Domain Tunnel

The following four graphs show the level of emissions from the Domain Tunnel ventilation stack for a 24 hour period starting from 6am. The Domain Tunnel ventilation stack is located in Grant Street, South Melbourne.

All graphs show hourly moving averages at 15 minute intervals (blue line). The horizontal line shows the EPA Licence Limit (red line).

These graphs are updated at approximately 9am (AEST) each morning. It should be noted that all emissions from the Domain Tunnel during normal operations (which excludes emergency situations like fire and smoke management) are via the stack and there are no emissions from the portals.

Carbon Monoxide

CO: Carbon Monoxide: A product of incomplete combustion of fuel in engines.

Nitrogen Dioxide

NO2: Nitrogen Dioxide: Produced through the oxidation of atmospheric Nitrogen during the combustion process.

PM10 Emissions

PM10: Particles with an aerodynamic diameter of 10 microns or smaller. PM10 includes PM2.5 (below).

PM2.5 Emissions

PM2.5: Particles with an aerodynamic diameter of 2.5 microns or smaller.


The graphs on this page are plotted from data that comes directly from the stack monitoring equipment located in the Domain Tunnel. This data may be adjusted at a later time through a standardised procedure to account for instrument errors, power interuptions and the like.